Codi Vore Is Coming Clean

Codi Vore Is Coming Clean “You guys wanna watch me get my tits nice and wet?” Codi Vore asks as she steps into the shower fully dressed. Uhhh…Yeah! Please go ahead, Codi. We have experience as towel boys. Codi soaks her white, Marilyn Monroe-style dress. It turns translucent, sticking to her lovely skin. She peels […]

Alaura Grey Is Back!

Alaura Grey Is Back! When Alaura Grey debuted at XL Girls on November 3rd, 2014, she was an immediate sensation. The collective excitement never diminished. Alaura’s last shoot was at the beginning of February, 2015 and since that time, we’ve kept in touch asking her to return. For two years, Alaura was reluctant as well […]

Rack 'Em Up!

Rack ‘Em Up! “I’m not in college, but if I was, I would be enrolled in fashion design,” Desire told us. “High school was an exciting time for me. I was on the dance team, and I had a lot of friends. I grew up very religious, so when I finally got to go out […]

Maya's Beautiful, Busty & Wet

Maya’s Beautiful, Busty & Wet We follow gorgeous and buxom Maya Milano into the bathroom. It’s time for Maya to get wet and soapy all over, with special attention paid to her big natural boobs. The handheld showerhead makes Maya’s beautiful body tingle as she sprays her sweet pussy. SCORELAND: Hello, Maya! Tell us, do […]

Roxee's Beer Garden Of Big Boobs

Roxee’s Beer Garden Of Big Boobs You may be waiting a long time for your stein of beer during your visit to Roxee Robinson‘s beer garden of big boobs. At this fun place, it’s always Octoberbreast. You’ll be waiting for your beer because Roxee has to give us a tits and wet pussy show as […]