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Tuesday, August 07, 2018

This apartment has a view of Hannah sucking cock

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

This apartment has a view of Hannah sucking cock

This apartment has a view of Hannah sucking cock

In her first fuck video, Hannah Grace, a 40-year-old divorcee from Tacoma, Washington, is a realtor who's showing her client an apartment. You know how this is going to turn out. Hannah, who has a tight little body, is wearing a tight, short dress, but the dude seems more focused on the apartment than on Hannah until...

Until they go out onto the balcony and she shows him the panoramic view of Miami. Well, she's the view!

"This is the best part," she says. "On this patio, you can get naked." And then she starts taking off her dress. Man, does her body look great in that bra and panties!

"I can't believe this," he says. "Are you sure you can do this?"

"If you bought this time-share, you can be out here all the time," Hannah says.

"Just like this?"

Well, just like this as long as you can get a woman like Hannah to be out there with you.

Hannah gives him a blow job on the balcony then they go inside, where she sucks his cock some more and he fucks her shaved pussy every which way, including piledriver with her legs all the way back. Hannah has nice, little tits and tan lines. He cums on those tits and tan lines.

Hannah has children and grandchildren. She loves ice hockey. The Philadelphia Flyers are her favorite team (even though she now lives in South Florida). She's 5'8", which is surprising because she looks so petite in this video. But keep in mind that Carlos is a very tall man. She found us on CraigsList. We're glad she was looking.

And now we're looking.

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This apartment has a view of Hannah sucking cock

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Jamie and the peeper

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Jamie and the peeper

Jamie and the peeper

"I think younger guys checking me out and taboo role-playing are sexy," said Jamie Foster, a 48-year-old cougar from California.

Here, Jamie is cooking in her kitchen, and 26-year-old Patrick is checking her out. He's peeking through the window as Jamie bends over to put something in the oven, and wouldn't you know it, she isn't wearing panties! He gets a full view of her beautiful ass!

At this point, Patrick's little head overrides his big head so he walks inside the house. Jamie is surprised to see him.

"Patrick, right?" Jamie says, recognizing her son's friend. "He's not home."

"I noticed you didn't have any panties," Patrick says.

"That's none of your business!" Jamie says, mock-outraged. "Let me see your phone. Better yet, I"m going to teach you a lesson about inappropriate behavior. You are not too old for a spanking from your best buddy's mom."

Or a cock-sucking. Or a fucking. Guess peeping pays, doesn't it?

"I have sex with younger men constantly, and it's a major turn-on," Jamie said. "I'm training them to fuck me good, to be tuned in to a woman."

Patrick squirts his load into Jamie's open mouth. Does that count as tuned in?

We think so.

"I'm excited to be filmed having sex. I like knowing that guys are going to be at home watching and jacking off to me. Whenever I've had public sex, there was always the element of someone seeing us that was also a turn-on. I can't wait to watch myself."

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Jamie and the peeper

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49-year-old Chanel gets hammered by JMac!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017
"What's that noise?" JMac wonders? He sees an open window at his friend Jimmy's house and walks over to see what's going on.

And what he sees amazes him: Jimmy's 49-year-old mom, Chanel, is lying in bed with her legs spread and her fingers deep inside her pussy.

Then Jimmy's mom sees him watching, and what does she do?

"I want you to come in," Chanel says.

"What about Jimmy?" JMac asks.

"He'll never hear us. I promise."

We're not sure how that's possible. Chanel moans loudly when she's playing with herself and moans even louder when JMac, who's 32, is eating and fucking her pussy. And he fucks her hard, really hammering her in the missionary position, pushing her legs all the way back before draining his balls in her mouth.

Chanel was born in Michigan and lives in Colorado. She has blonde hair and brown eyes. Her favorite TV show is The Bachelor. When she's out in public, she wears tight, short dresses and fuck-me pumps. That'll get their attention!

Would the people she knows be surprised to see her here?


Jimmy definitely would!

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Captain Sophya Love takes off

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Nicky Ferrari and her high-speed sex drive

Monday, December 19, 2016
"This pussy is for you," 46-year-old Nicky Ferrari says in Spanish in this video. When she says it, she has two fingers buried deep inside her mature cunt, and you can hear how wet she is. So, not only is her pussy for you...it's ready for you, too.

When the video opens, Nicky is dressed in a very sexy outfit: a tight, white top, a short skirt and fuck-me pumps. When the top comes off, we see that she's wearing sexy lingerie. Then it all comes off and Nicky climbs onto the pool table to play with her pussy and work her ass. She has big tits and dark nipples. She has a tight asshole.

"I am very wet for you," Nicky says in Spanish. Throughout this video, she speaks in English and Spanish.

Nicky is a mom. She has two sons. She's also a porn star in Southern California, which is where she lives. It must be interesting to have a porn star as a mother. What's that like? It would make a great reality show. "My mom's a porn star!"

Nicky is not a swinger and considers herself sexually passive. She prefers traditional roles where the man makes the first move. She says she likes gentlemen, but that's only until she gets to the bedroom. Then she wants a caveman who will fuck her senseless. She likes to get fucked hard and doesn't mind being called a slut. And she'll let you cum wherever you want. With a body like hers, there are many options, and you're about to see all of them.

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For starters, Alexis fucks and eats cum

Wednesday, December 14, 2016
Alexis Starr, a 46-year-old divorcee, mom and grandmother from England, makes her 40SomethingMag.com XXX video debut by sucking and fucking a big cock and swallowing cum. Very impressive. Alexis is a skinny blonde and a real fuck toy, as you'll see in this scene.

"The men I love have two eyes, a heartbeat and a stiff cock," said Alexis, who describes her perfect day as "walking for hours in the countryside with my dogs during the day followed by hours of hot, steamy sex."

We're assuming she means sex with a man who has two eyes, a heartbeat and a stiff cock. And if he's a dirty dog, like Max is here, so much the better.

Alexis likes going on blind dates. She's been a stripper and an escort. She's not a swinger, but she says, "I would love to experience this." We're sure it can be arranged. And when we asked her if she's a nudist, she laughed and said, "I live in England. Are you crazy? Too cold!"

Alexis is a very horny MILF. She masturbates twice a day, once when she wakes up and a second time before she goes to sleep.

"I will masturbate with my fingers and toys as it sets me up for the day and relaxes me for bedtime."

She likes when a man cums in her mouth. Max cums in her mouth.


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Marina's private show

Monday, December 05, 2016
Marina Rene, a DP MILF who loves cock in her pussy and asshole, puts on a show just for you in her return to 40SomethingMag.com. Marina, who's 49 and from Germany, has so much going for her, it's hard to say what aspect of her is best.

The fact that she's a MILF?

Her big tits?

The way she loves to get fucked in her pussy and asshole?

The jewelry on her nipples?

The bunch of big rings hanging from her pussy?

The fact that she loves sex and will do anything to please a man?

All of those things are true, and in this video, we get to inspect her tits, pussy and ass without any man-ass getting in the way. Yeah, we know, you love hardcore, but sometimes it's nice to see what a woman has to offer.

Marina offers a lot.

She's a German swinger who is married to a very giving husband. He watched while she shot these photos and during her hardcore scenes.

"One of my favorite things is to have my husband's cock in my pussy and a stranger's cock in my ass while a sexy woman sucks on my tits," she said. "I enjoy double penetration, and with my piercings, the sensations send me over the edge. It's amazing to have two cocks in you."

Here, she has none in her...but she imagines that she does, and one of them is yours.

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